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your tear gear im assuming is from LFR?


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Character Name: dshrute
Spec you want to play:Moonkin
Spec you can also play:Feral(bear)
Link to armory:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/laughing-skull/Dshrute/simple

1) Why do you want to raid with our guild?
I want to raid with your guild because it has gained many accolades in end game content.

2) Please describe your wow experience.
I have been playing wow since 2007 and recently switched my main to my druid and desire to keep him my main.
3) What is your approach to raiding?
My approach to raiding is to always be consistent to show up on raid times for the sake of the guild. Also, be positive, productive and fun to be around.

4) Why do we want you in our guild?
I want to join Accounting because of its track record and quality of players that are in the guild.

5) Tell us about yourself (realname, job, family, hobbies, interests, talents)
My name is John Dayton Im 18 years old and currently enrolled in Texas State University. Im from Houston, Texas and at the age of 14 i moved to Dallas, Texas to play hockey being that is my true passion. I have always loved hockey and all other sports. I have a energetic personality and love getting mumble/vent to socialize with other players.

John Dayton

P.S. Happy Holidays.

4) You want me in your guild because im geared for Dragon soul and i can be a very good attribute right away for a core spot.

sorry read the question wrong...